Boarding kennel in Russia "DALMATIN.RU" (Moskow region)

Our boarding kennel is really small. It is more of a domestic, family dog hotel. We have long-term experience communicating and working with dogs. Professional dog upkeep and care, training, breeding, participation in dog shows – are our specialty.

For a very long period of time our breeding kennel “Flinkvild” has been maintaining a leading position in Russia. We value our name both in the sphere of breeding Dalmatians and in providing services to dog-owners of different breeds.

Our boarding kennel is made in a way that we are able to keep constant contact with dogs. Your pet will never feel unloved or uncared for. Everything that your dog got used to at home it’s going to get here as well. We are going to play with it, pet it and care for it, give it titbits and wish it “Good-night”.


When you bring your dog we will enquire and write down all your requests concerning the upkeep of your dog and are going to fulfil them without deviation. Some dog-owners write up a special instruction or a composition about their pet’s habits. This helps not to forget anything on the spot. This information and information concerning your pet’s health and vaccination is recorded onto an individual pet card. If your dog has chronic diseases, which are not contagious, please tell us about them, this way we will be able to take that into account when we take care of your dog.


Our hotel works throughout the year and we will be very happy to help organise your holidays and business trips without fear that there’s no one to take care of your four legged friend.

Dogs at our kennel live in warm spacious rooms. Room size is 5-6 m. sq. Each room has a window, a radiator, food bowls and toys are provided free of charge and the water bowl always contains fresh water.


The dogs are looked after by professional cynologists that did their training at the Russian Cynological Federation.


To minimize stress caused by the move and separation from the owner it is necessary to fill your pet’s temporary home with familiar things. We recommend that you bring with you its bedding, bowls, favourite toys and other things (eg. Old slippers or it’s “mom’s” bathrobe), which will remind your pet about home. This is of utmost importance if you are leaving your pet with us for the first time.


Our kennel is located in an ecologically clean area near-by Moscow in a little town called Dedovsk, which is sited north-west of Moscow. 20 km from MKAD travelling by Volokolamskoe shosse. We have a very good and convenient location and it is very easy to find us. Call and we will tell you how to find us.

Approximately 100 m from our boarding kennel there’s a pinery. Considering that most of our guests come from Moscow this is very significant. Living at our boarding kennel in a natural environment and breathing fresh country air your dog will be able to improve its health

The area of the kennel is totally enclosed. We have a large secure play area where we can exercise dogs off the lead. Social and friendly dogs are given the chance to communicate with their fellows, play with toys or fetch sticks. Non-social, aggressive or fearful dogs are let out alone. We totally exclude the possibility of a fight or that your dog will run away.

We are unable to keep many dogs at once; therefore each one gets utmost attention and care. Frequent walks and games will guarantee your pet’s good mood and an outstanding physical condition.

All dogs are walked and exercised 3-4 times a day. Puppies maybe walked more frequently. You can also order supplementary walks for your pet on the lead in the woods or on the territory of our kennel.

Particular attention is paid to feeding. Dog food is selected individually for each dog, in compliance with its habits. We do not welcome any experiments with feeding thus your dog is going to receive the same dog food, which it eats at home and the one that it is used to.

Our hotel accepts only healthy animals that do not have infectious or other contagious diseases and acute conditions of chronic non contagious diseases, which require the owner to be present for his pet’s treatment. The dog must have:

  • booster vaccination with a complex vaccine – once a year
  • been given pills against worms – once every 6 months
  • treatment against ticks and fleas – a week before arrival

If you follow these simple rules the risk of any extraordinary circumstances occurring is minimal.

We can become a second home to your pet. It will have its own “cottage”. And while you are going to be working or resting on vacation, your dog is going to be pleased to spend some time outside town breathing fresh country air